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*** Highlight SK-326-1 "Wrestle Babe Crush"
Competitors: Summer vs. Diva Masquee
Now here is some Summer time fun! Like sexy curves and succulent breasts? How about watching female domination done by a vicious hooded hell cat? Well you’re in for a treat! Our wrestle babe, Summer is in for some real punishment when the Diva Masquee gets her hands on her! The Diva Masquee unleashes her rein of pain and it’s very clear that Diva Masquee hate pretty bikini babes! The feisty wrestle babe makes futile attempts to retaliate, but that just adds fuel to the fire. Her pleadings egg the Diva on! Vulnerable breasts are mauled; her body is crushed and bruised. The evil Diva punishes the bikini babe to a taunting and tied up ending you won’t want to miss. Great female domination wrestling from Steel Kittens! NEW! $5.95 Come See here!

***Highlight SK-158-1 "Pro Style Womens Wrestling"
Competitors:*Belle vs. Hollywood
An amazing no holds barred/no DQ professional women's wrestling match! Belle and Hollywood return in a bruising vicious massacre with fists flying, cuts opened, and all the brutality you can imagine as the two topless beauties try to destroy each other. You will not believe this action as the “Extreme Wrestling” goes on for almost an hour. It is an all time classic of female combat. Pro Style $2.95 Come See here!

*** Highlight SK-380-1 "Red Rose"
Competitors: Kimberly Jane vs. Leann
The sexy bombshell Leann in a red hot bikini is ready to take on the she cat Kimberly Jane in her black bikini. Leann is quick to react and gets Kimberly down on the mat. Kimberly fires back with a tough head lock followed by a camel clutch. A bear hug and Leann is in pain, but soon in the turnbuckle is Kimberly and she is assaulted with crotch stomps, but then is reversed and Leann is in corner and Kimberly Jane rains down on her! Soon one sexy woman is choked by a bikini top. Beautiful legs are used as weapons for body scissors, kicks to the belly and body stomps. Arm smashes to body splashes these two bikini queens bring to the mat! Sexy breast to breast body presses, face sitting and relentless holds are exchanged. Each woman using all their feminine instinct to prevail! Hair pulling, breast grabbing and body bending twists have them both scrambling. Chokes, surfboards, arm bars and more body splashes, flips and crushed crotches these wild cats unleash their feminine fury till sexy babe is caught in a cross face, cross neck choke hold and it’s lights out for her. The winner has it just they way she likes it!*Amateur $5.95 Come See Here!

***Highlight SK-329-1 "Sin City Sessions: Mixed Wrestling Vol. II"
Competitors: Sonny vs. Sydnee
Mixed wrestling with Sydnee is always a treat. This young and beautiful competitor, with a smile to die for, is here to introduce a new guy to the sport of mixed wrestling. She quickly gets to work in teaching her male opponent the art of mixed wrestling. Don’t let her size fool you, this young hot rod wrestling girl is very strong! He tries hard to rally against her but finds her strength and use of technical holds surprising and debilitating. Her charm and bubbly personality keep him coming back for more. She wears him down and by the end is totally exhausted and dominated. You’ll love seeing young Sydnee work him over and make a boy toy out of her mixed wrestling male opponent. Very well done! Mixed Wrestling $4.95 Come See Here!*

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